Rekall Software Pvt. Ltd. offers following services:

  • IT Infrastructure Management (both on premise and on-cloud)
  • Technical Consulting
  • Software Development for Product Companies
  • Computer Courses (Hands-on training)
  • Customer engagement
  • IT hardware

We provide following types of consulting:

  • Infrastructure consulting - For example which servers to buy? Which company? What configuration, etc.
  • Cloud consulting - Which cloud provider to use? How to cut costs? How many instances, of what type, how long to reserve etc.?
  • Telemarketing, Digital Branding or Corporate gifts - Assistance in increasing the brand value and reaching customers (calls / gifts)
  • Product design - Database structure, Scaling horizontally, Security review
  • Setting up development centers in India (IDC) - End to end consulting

Please refer to our service offerings file for futher details